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John Paul Huguley


John Paul hasn’t worked a day in his life.  He is one of those rare souls whose passion is his career.  Armed with a degree in mathematics and business administration, John Paul went on to study Historic Preservation, Architecture and Structural Engineering at the University of Virginia.  While at UVA, he consulted on great American buildings such as Monticello, Gunston Hall and Fallingwater.  At the national building technology and engineering firm Simpson Gumpertz and Heger, John Paul analyzed building problems, design flaws, maintenance neglect and material failures. He then went on to advance his professional training at London’s leading restoration firm Alan Baxter and Associates.  

It was on this foundation that John Paul built his dream - a national school, headquartered in Charleston, dedicated to preserving and strengthening the art of building through training the next generation of building artisans. After years of fundraising, strategic partnerships and political alliances, the School of the Building Arts became the American College of the Building Arts in 2004.

Continuing his dedication to the school after his departure, John Paul founded his for-profit venture, appropriately named Building Art, to foster ongoing business opportunities for graduates and others to apply their craft.