One way to guarantee the future success of the American College of the Building Arts is to foster the careers of its graduates.  With that in mind, Building Art through the generous support of Luxury Simplified is operating, in part, as a small business incubator.  

“We’re constantly searching for new opportunities for graduates – creating demand for their services, partnering with them on projects, presenting leads on others. We want to celebrate their commitment, their skills, and their unique contributions to the building arts.” -John Paul Huguley  
American College of the Building Arts Graduates

American College of the Building Arts Graduates


Adam has set up shop just outside of Charleston, SC.  His forging techniques and creative energy are far beyond his years.   A recent joint project with Building Art was the forging of an entrance overthrow with gas lantern for the Galli residence in Hunt Valley, MD.  


Owner of Ash Woodworking, Guyton is a millwork specialist.  He was the lead on building two massive doors for the Independent Presbyterian Church.  His philosophy is simple:  “Proper design and construction leads to work that will stand the test of time.”


Kyle is a true craftsman.  He is currently working with the Arris Building Group in Charleston, SC, focusing on new residential construction, remodeling and historic restoration.  He previously worked at Andy Free Construction and Holder Brother’s Timber Frames.  His thoughtful timber-frame designs include the Boy Scout Chapel in _______ and the Drayton Hall visitor center.


Working his way through college and being elected valedictorian of his class in 2009 underscore Moyer’s talent as a self-starter and natural leader.  In 2011 he founded Fountain Timberworks in Charleston and has been a partner with Building Art on numerous projects including Galli and Stono Ferry.  


As an architectural plaster artisan, Emily just returned from an extensive gig restoring ornamental plasterwork at Castle Hundisburg in Germany.  The home was first constructed in 1140.  It went through a major renovation in the 16th century as is once again being restored under the skilled hands of artisans from around the world.


Ian’s entrepreneurial spirit started when he was attending the American College of the Building Arts at which time he started a business to fund his college endeavors.  Today, Notch and Nail, is a successful mill shop specializing in the custom design and fabrication of cabinetry and furniture, bookcases, windows, doors, shutters decorative moldings and trim.  


John, a classically trained blacksmith, recently finished constructing his own shop – called Vinland Forge -- in Birmingham.  He is a 2012 graduate of ACBA.  John brings to each of his projects months of intense research and experimentation.  His particular love is Gothic ironwork.


Michael has been an artist all his life.  Although he started his professional career as a graphic designer, a trip to Charleston and the American College of the Building Arts quickly focused his attention to the restoration and new development of ornamental, decorative and plane plaster. Whether it's an elaborate ceiling medallion or simple plaster wall, attention to detail is always a top priority.  You can see examples of his work in homes and churches from Long Island, to the University of Virginia to Charleston.


In 2009 James was awarded the prestigious “Best Craftsman” award by the professors at ACBA.  As the son of an architect, James brings an unparalleled sense of proportion to his work as a timber framer.  He was a key player in the Galli breezeway, half round deck and pool pavilion.  You seldom see him with out his hammer and chisel.


Although just a young man, Drew is an old soul.  As a 2010 graduate of the American College of Building Arts, Drew brings a wealth of talent and ideas to the field of forged architectural metalworking.  He is passionate about the history of his chosen field.  Drew worked with Building Art on the lantern brackets for the Galli project, the strap hinges for the IPC doors and much more.


Isaiah earned a B.S. degree focusing on timber construction from the American College of the Building Arts, where he spent four years studying under master craftsmen and architects. Isaiah has worked for a number of timber frame companies in the New England area and has spent time building in Norway.  Currently, he is a partner in the Saratoga Spring, NY, Arris Building Group that focuses on quality designed and crafted timber structures 


Following her recent graduation from ACBA in architectural stone masonry, Meghan was invited to participate in further professional training and hands-on experience at the prestigious Ateliers Saint-Jacques in Chevreuse Valley, France.  Supported by the Foundation de Coubertin, the school offers an exclusive group of 30 fellows the opportunity to acquire additional skills to practice their craft and meet the demands of the modern world.